Interested in buying an RV on a currently leased RV site?

You may be interested in buying an RV that is currently on a RV site at PLGC: but what are you actually purchasing?

RV sites are leased annually to our RV Park tenants as such, the land/property/site remains owned by Pigeon Lake Golf Club and RV Park.

Current tenants can sell their RV and RV site improvements (deck, awning, sheds, etc.) to a new tenant at any point during the year. Think of it like you wanting to move into someone’s apartment: you like the way it’s decorated so you work out a deal to buy their furniture, you take over their lease, and you move in but the apartment building (in our case the RV Site/land itself) remains property of the landlord.

As this is a private sale of assets, PGLC management is not involved the sales transaction itself.

However, we recommend prospective buyers contact PLGC Management to ensure there are no outstanding fees owed to PGLC by the current tenant.

After the sale transaction is complete, we ask that the departing tenant inform PLGC Management that the sale has been finalized and provide us the following information

  • the new tenant’s name, mailing address, phone number(s) and email address
  • a copy of the bill of sale (showing the date of the sale)

We will then contact the new tenant to have them complete the PGLC lease transfer documents which will complete our file/paperwork.

As a new tenant of PGLC, the new buyer will be bound by the terms and rules of the PGLC Lease Agreement, which can be viewed below.

2022 Lease Agreement
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